Cosmic's Gourmet Coffee That you for Visiting our Coffee Shop!

    Welcome to our Coffee store!  Please come in and visit with us for a while. 
    Browse around at your leisure and get to know us. Before you leave we hope to entice you to try some
    of our wonderful coffee.  While you are visiting with us, take a look at our coffee webcam. We now offer Wireless Internet Access and Online Gaming.

    Walking into our store right now you would notice how wonderful and welcoming it smells - fresh coffee brewing and warm cookies just out of the oven.  So please stop by if you are in the
    Saint Paul area or are planning to go through Minnesota on I-94. 
    Get comfortable in the bay window, listen to some light music, enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee and tea, and read your newspaper

    Thanks for stopping by - we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Cosmic's Coffee
189 North Snelling Ave

Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104

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